Baby Panda Wants To Play!

Baby Panda Wants To Play!

Watch this adorable baby panda desperately trying to get the keeper to play!

Imagine you have an hour left at work and your boss has told you that there’s loads of stuff you need to get done. So you get to work, trying to be as quick and efficient as possible. But there is one catch- an adorable baby panda cub has decided that you are their play mate and they will do everything they can to stop you working! 

We love the fact that it doesn’t matter how far away the keeper puts the panda cub, it just keeps finding its way back! Even though it has a couple of falls on the way (check out the unfortunate drop at 0:40!).

The adorable panda cub has also decided that the best way to get the keeper to stick around is to hug the keeper’s leg as tightly as possible.

We wonder how long this went on for! Hopefully the keeper got all of their work done so they could donate some time to playing with the cub.