Learn About the Giant Panda

Pandas sat around eating bamboo on a platform built of logs

Are pandas marsupials?

A grown up panda wading through water

Can pandas swim?

Two grown up pandas sat amongst greenery eating bamboo together

Do pandas have predators?

Panda sniffing forest floor

Do pandas have tails?

Forest of tall thin trees with sun shining through the canopy

Do pandas live in the rainforest?

Close up of a panda holding and eating bamboo leaves

Why do pandas eat bamboo?

Parent and child panda playing in the snow together

How long do pandas live?

Grown up panda sleeping slumped over a tree branch

Where do pandas sleep?

Large panda stood on all fours inbetween dark green and light green trees

How much do pandas weigh?

Close up of a pandas face with rock formation in the background

Do pandas hibernate?

Panda sat against a tree eating bamboo

Why are pandas black and white?

World Wildlife Federation hot air balloon against a blue sky

Why should we save the giant panda?

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