Do Pandas Live in the Rainforest?

The short answer

The giant panda does live in the rainforest. A very special kind in China called the bamboo rainforests. Although it is a forest, bamboo is not actually a species of tree, in fact it is the world’s largest species of grass.


Do Pandas Live in the Rainforest- Bamboo Rainforest


Life in the rainforests

Rainforests around the world have a reputation for being home to some of the most diverse and unusual life found on the planet. They’re often recognisable by deep lush greenery, exotically coloured plants and animals and of course, lots of rain.

There are three major rainforest regions in the world, they are:

  • Central and South America
  • West and Central Africa
  • Southeast Asia

The third of these is where the giant panda finds its home, in the mountainous tropical rainforest of China.


Do Pandas Live in the Rainforest - Rainforest Map of the World


Rainforests are hugely important for biodiversity and protecting this environment is part of why protecting the giant panda is so important. If you want to learn more about the fight to save the giant panda and why it’s so important, click here.

You can also read about the WWF’s struggle to save rainforests across the globe here.

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