Where Do Pandas Sleep?

In the wild giant pandas fall asleep in any number of places, they don’t have to be too picky as they don’t have any natural predators to worry about.

Most will opt to sleep right on the forest floor, perhaps cozying up to a tree or some other large natural feature. Giant pandas are strong climbers and have also been spotted taking the occasional nap precariously balanced in a tree!


Where Do Pandas Sleep - Panda Asleep in Tree


How much do pandas sleep?

Pandas spend the majority of their day munching away on bamboo, but for the remainder of the time they are usually resting or sleeping.

In the wild they have been observed to sleep in stints 2 to 4 hours long and in between meals. In captivity pandas are fed to a similar schedule to help mimic their natural rhythms of rest and activity.


Mothers keep their cubs close by whenever possible for the first few years of their lives and this is certainly the case when everyone settles down for bed.

Cubs can often be spotted nestled in their mother’s arms and fur or lying right alongside mum wherever there might be space.


Where Do Pandas Sleep - Panda Cub Asleep on Mom


Strike a pose

Like most of the bear family pandas are able to get comfortable in quite a few different positions.

It’s not difficult to find pandas lying on their backs, sides or stomachs when stretching out for some quality zzz’s.

We suppose getting comfortable is a bit easier when you’re covered in fur!


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