Panda Supplies For Your Furry Friend

Panda Supplies For Your Furry Friend

After coming across this incredibly video of a cute pup in a panda outfit ready for Halloween, we knew we had to make sure some panda products for canines were available for fellow dog lovers. Unfortunately we don’t have the replica of the ingenious costume in the video, but we do have some other things that your furry friend will love.

When I first watched this video I actually squealed! Who knew a pup dressed as a panda could be so adorable? Check out its happy little expression at 0:12…


1) A Panda Bear Dog Snood

This knitted snood made by Zoo Snoods is described as being perfect for keeping your pup’s ears warm and dry while out for a walk, orfor just looking incredibly adorable during 

cold winter days. This is a great gift idea during the autumn or winter months for a dog lover and is sure to keep their best friend warm! Check out the full details along with sizing by clicking here.

2) Panda Dog Chew Toy

We’re pretty sure that this black and white panda chew toy is smiling! This toy is great for small to medium sized dogs who love to chew on and carry around their toys. It is machine washable and dryable, and is made of tough, durable cotton rope. If you have a loved one who is fed up of getting their slippers (or their clothes, furniture, hats…!) chewed on, this might just be the perfect present. Find out more by clicking here. 

3) Bright Green Panda Leash and Collar

Made by Lupine Pets (who make their products in New Hampshire) this panda pattern leash and collar are a lovely addition to your pet supplies. They are bright green color so you’ll never lose them in the cupboard again! The lead is 4 foot with a paddle style handle and a metal clip, and this particular collar is an adjustable size (between 8-12″) though if you click on “Check it Out” on the product page you’ll find two other size options. Click on the images to find out more!