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We’ve got all sorts of panda stuffed animals to browse, from affordable options to premium quality toys at the pricier end of the scale. We’ve got stuffed animals of all different sizes – small, medium and large, for panda lovers of every size. All of the plush toys we feature are child safe from quality manufacturers.

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Quality worth the price
We've selected plushies that are made with quality materials by reputable brands or artisan craftspeople. Many of the toys you'll find here are handmade and those that are mass produced are done so responsibly and carefully. There are lots of options for different price points, but even the value stuffed animals are still well reviewed and rated by customers. Premium options especially are built to last.
Safety first, for all ages
Not all of our stuffed animals are appropriate for all ages, so do be careful when selecting yours. However, our range has options that suit newborns all the way up to adults (we understand!). Toys that are baby and toddler safe are carefully selected to have super safe materials and construction that includes no loose parts. Of course, as you'd expect, none of our pandas come with any hard or sharp edges, so your cuddles can be worry free!
Too big? Too small? Just right.
The curated range has stuffed animals of all sizes (and shapes!) so you can find something right for you. Our largest bears are truly giant and our smallest bears will be easy to handle even for very little ones. Some plushies come in multiple sizes, so you can size up as you age up.
Your new best friend
In our experience you're not just buying a stuffed toy, you're often buying a friend for life. Our bears come with all sorts of personalities so you can find a panda that's the perfect match for you or your little one. From the ultra realistic to the cartoonishly cute, hopefully you'll find a companion that really speaks to you.

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