34″ Big Panda Balloon Party Favor Anti-Gravity Hovering Flying Floating String-less Toy

$15.29 (as of January 10, 2019, 7:49 pm)




This 34″ Big Panda Neutral Buoyancy Toy is a REVOLUTIONARY HIGH TECH Balloon that hovers in Mid-Air WITHOUT STRINGS and cruises around the house on air currents! They will follow you! Absolutely amazing! Absolutely “No Strings Attached”!
>>IMPORTANT!<< This 34" Big Panda is a FANTASTIC NEW TOY! These balloons are NOT TIED TO A STRING! Fantastic Floatables Revolutionary New Zero-G Neutral Buoyancy Toys are the most AMAZING balloons you've ever seen! Not only do they provide an completely NEW EXPERIENCE, they also offer MORE PLAY VALUE per dollar spent! Our EXCLUSIVE "No Strings Attached" Balloon Height Control Kit allows you to easily set them to hover at any height you want. THE PET BALLOON THAT FOLLOWS YOU! Space Pets Magically Hover in Mid-Air and cruise around the house on available air currents just like they're running! Throw them up and they float back down! Throw them down and they float right back up! They also have an uncanny "habit" of following people due to powerful, but invisible air currents caused by the heat rising off the human body. Super Fun for Everyone! IT'S A TOY! IT'S A DECORATION! IT'S A BALLOON! IT'S FUN! IT'S EDUCATIONAL! IT'S AMAZING! 1,000 times MORE FUN than any balloon on a string! They make great gifts and are excellent icebreakers at themed parties! They are interactive and have many documented EDUCATIONAL and THERAPEUTIC properties that Special Needs Teachers have found to be very useful as well. They also make awesome Nerf targets. Nothing else like them anywhere HOW DO THEY WORK? Apply the Transparent adhesive backed Neutral Buoyancy height control to the balloon after inflating with Helium. Then simply remove the small height control Weight-tabs from the balloon untill it hovers at the height you want. Once hovering, each Weight-tab you remove will make it float about a foot higher and each Weight-tab you add will make it float about a foot lower. YOU CONTROL EXACTLY HOW HIGH THEY FLY!!! >> Every Fantastic Floatable comes complete with balloon, our (Patent Pending) Zero-G Neutral Buoyancy Balloon Height Control Kit, and easy assembly Instructions. A basic assembly instruction video is also available on Fantastic Floatables YouTube Channel.
Durable. Floats 2 to 4 weeks. REFILLABLE! Helium not included. All Fantastic Floatables are sold uninflated. No batteries needed. Recommended for indoor use only. Every Earthling Should have one. The BETTER BALLOON!